ZipperMast Geo Systems Inc How it works

How it works

Zipper Mast "Zipping Up" Like a Tape MeasureZipper Mast Base Mechanism

The basic idea is to use three “coiled metal” strips (like those from a tape measure), driven by a few motors, that stitch / zip together to produce a statically-stable vertical lift — simple and elegant!  The idea of a robot using the device is explicit in the patent, as is a backpack-mounted version for soldiers.  Of course, we’ve already seen the Packbot using a Zippermast, but another inspection robot, the ODIS robot, has also been equipped with a Zippermast (pictured below left).

Zipper Mast on ODIS Inspection Robot  Zipper Mast on a Robot Base Zipper Mast on Soldier's Backpack



 Zippermast -- SAM Handheld  Zippermast Handheld with Camera SAM Handheld

  • Nominal Height: 4 in
  • Stroke:  8 ft
  • Weight: 6.75 lbs