ZipperMast Geo Systems Inc G-Bot


G–BOT is a small teleoperated mobile robot designed to carry remote controlled inspection cameras and sensors in hostile environments in complete safety for the operator. It is especially dedicated to surveillance and vehicle inspections for explosives. It has the unique ability to lift camera, or sensors, up to 8 feet high with the new **patented ZipperMast. G-Bot can easily be transported or used in a backpack configuration and used as a robot when required. The G-Bot can be equipped with smoke or tear gas and is compatible with a RFID tagging or passive tagging device that can only be detected with a special lens. G-Bot’s batteries can be changed in a few seconds and are common throughout the complete system.

The G-Bot’s small size and low weight allows it to operate in most difficult access areas. The unit has eyepiece options to allow SWAT to operate in a covert manner. It can hide in bushes, telescope up and scan the environment in a stealthy way. The Cable Management Systems (CMS) allows for camera/sensors to be attached to the top of the mast. Power, video, communications is provided at the top of the ZipperMast. An air droppable version is under development.

 General Characteristics

  • Energy – Lithium-ion battery 15V@5Ah
  • Average Autonomy 7 hours
  • Maximum Speed 3-4 mph
  • Ground Link track or wheels
  • Wheel Diameter 4 inches
  • Total Weight 15 lbs
  • Dimensions (with Zipper Mast down)
  • Length 15 inches
  • Width 15 inches
  • Height under 5 inches
  • Height extended up to 8 feet
  • Floor Clearance 1.25 inches
  • Terrain Capability
    hard surface, i.e. concrete/asphalt
    sand/gravel capable
    two inch curb capable-w/track
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Feet per Second (Rise) .5 ft/sec
  • Max. Weight on top of Mast 3 lbs
  • Maximum Height extension 10 feet
  • Connector mounted Sensors

Operational Characteristics

  • Vision
    One Auto-focus .05 lux CCD color video camera fitted on the Zipper Mast
    Minimum One Light Emitting Diode light (night operation)
  • Working Range
    With Radio 100 Yards (unobstructed space)
  • Maximum slope: 45 Degrees
  • Maximum Pan: 180 Degrees
  • Maximum Tilt: 180 Degrees
  • Able to turn on it own length Yes
  • All Weather Use Ruggedized

Operator Control Unit (OCU)

  • 7.2 inch LCD color control screen
  • Same battery configuration between OCU and G-Bot
  • Easy System Operation
  • Camera Mount allows for Shoulder Support System or Tri-Pod Mount
  • Channel Select for secure data transmission


  • Infrared Camera
  • Hard Surface Wheels
  • Transportation Kit (Case for G-Bot/OCU/Accessories)
  • Head Mounted Display
  • Enhanced Microphone/Speaker Headset
  • 10 foot Zipper Mast Height

*Patent Applied For (ZipperMast Design on Robot)
**Patent Applied or (Teeth Design)