ZipperMast Geo Systems Inc SAM-20 Features

SAM-20 Features

  • Vertical Lift Capacity (upright/inverted) 200 lbs
  • Maximum Extension 20 ft
  • DC Power
  • Total Unit Weight 150 lbs
  • Cable system 5 shielded twisted pairs plus power (Signals from base to top of unit)
  • Stainless steel/aluminum design
  • Utilizes “plug-and play” architecture
  • Tele-operated control or autonomous operation
  • High durability
  • Under water capability
  • Equipped with mission specific modules


  • Configured to conduct military operations in urban terrain, including tunnels, sewers, and caves
  • Surveillance cameras, lights, and microphone
  • Emergency response
  • Assist war fighters tasked with manpower intensive or high-risk functions without exposing soldiers directly to the hazard. (I.e. urban intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, chemical/toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) Toxic industrial materials (TIM), reconnaissance, etc.)
  • Supported by ad-hoc communications to establish swarm operation by grouping several SAMS together on a single mission