ZipperMast Geo Systems Inc ZM-8


ZM-8/ SAM-8  :  ZipperMast©

Situational Awareness Mast (SAM)

The Situational Awareness Mast (SAM) has been given a new name by the military – ZipperMast™ as it acts like a zipper when coming together.  To satisfy both commercial and military applications we call the commercial unit a SAM and the military unit a ZipperMast™ .  The era of micro-electronics has now arrived in masts. Our only focus was to design and manufacture “small” masts that can extend up for sensors to perform their best.

ZM-8 has been designed to support Unmanned Ground Vehicles to operate more effectively in their mission.  The mission can be commercial or military.  If you want to extend communications to line of sight you might want to consider the ZM.  The units have been made to be compatible with most sensors.  It has been made waterproof for depths.  The units can be used remotely for extended periods of time with multiple communication schemes.   The ZM-8 can be used for riverine and special applications especially when integrated to sensors that detect.

  • Total Unit Weight ………………..13.9 lbs / 6.3 kg
  • Diameter of unit at base……… 10 in / 25.4 cm
  • Maximum extension height…… 8 ft / 243.84 cm
  • Retracted unit height . .. .. .. ..  7.6  in / 19.3 cm
  • Max. payload weight ………….18  lbs / 4.54 kg
  • Internal battery ………………….  optional
  • DC Power………………………… 12/24 Vdc


Advantages of using ZM-8

  • Compatible with most UGVs
  • Dual locking mast for strength
  • Mast controllable via RF/USB/hand controller
  • Ruggedized—Up to 20,000 cycles
  • DC Voltage  –  12/24 VDC powered
  • DC Supply Cable /Connector  (Water Proof Connector)
  • Attachted Fuse
  • Powered—low current draw – 2 amps at peak
  • Signal Interface
  • Sub-D 15 pin Conector & cable  (waterproof connector)
  • USB for PC control cable & Connector & Manual control  (Water Proof Connector)
  • Encoder & Software Supplied
  • Special units operate under water
  • Multiple ZM’s can be integrated together for heavier loads
  • Control of mast sensor from base
  • Remote operation


  • Cable system – customized to meet your requirements
  • Stainless steel/aluminum design/non-corrosive design
  • Easy mechanical installation


  • Configured to conduct military and commercial applications.
  • Multiple sensors can quickly be attached.  Surveillance cameras, lights, and microphone
  • Emergency responders
  • Second story window view