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ZipperMast – Situational Awareness Mast


Welcome to ZipperMast for rugged applications and Situational Awareness  for commercial programs.  Our products developed are the smallest mast systems ever designed that requires minimum power and can withstand the rigors of the various environments it operates in. The construction is non-corrosive materials; three bands of stainless steel bands with special cuts on each side of the band. The bands are rolled into a coil and placed 120 degrees apart. When unrolled the small compact mast becomes rigid, strong and straight.  A cable system that controls the top sensor is internal to the mast to avoid entanglement.  As the ZM extends it feeds the cable from the bottom of the unit to the top sensor mount.

The ZipperMast was initially developed exclusively for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs).  We do not build UGVs or the sensor packages, however, we  have placed the ZM on over 20 UGV platforms. On these platforms multiple sensors can be operated simply by the easy connection system.  For sensor integration on military applications we typically use the “Picatinny Rail” system.  For commercial applications we can customize or provide a flat surface for mounting with pre-drilled holes.

The control of the ZM can be achieved by RF/hand control/or USB.  Special interfaces can be offered.  The cable system uses a Sub-D 15 pin connector.  Special cables and connectors can be installed as customer requires.

The ZipperMast product is made for rugged applications and can be used in standalone as well as integrated applications.  There is a battery option available that can provide internal power.

ZM/SAM  (ZipperMast  / Situational Awareness Mast) can be constructed to be lighter for special applications.  The ZM/SAM-4 currently under development is for very small UGVs or hand held applications.  An example is to raise cameras above a crowd to capture video or pictures.

The  ZipperMast  was developed by the U.S. Army, TARDEC, under a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I and SBIR Phase II.