A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

Mark Twain

any direction – any environment

The efficiency and functionality of sensors and actuators depends on a support system that extends their one-dimensional location. That is why ZIPPERMAST has dedicated itself to developing a unique, compact and effective mast that offers more than conventional telescopic masts. A lightweight yet robust system, the ZIPPERMAST can be moved in all directions and provides a platform that can be used for all types of sensors and effectors. The ZIPPERMAST system can be used both autonomously and in conjunction with vehicles or other platforms and is virtually predestined for use in difficult terrain and adverse conditions. As a “Smart Sensor Hub”, it supports the user in the digitalisation of operations as well as in the context of the Internet of Things (“IoT”).

Innovative strength and sustainability

Driven by an innovative spirit and the goal of offering our customers the best possible product, we are constantly developing the technology of the ZIPPERMAST as well as the associated product portfolio. Being a successful and established partner for security, defence and security-related industries, we sustainably respond to our customers’ wishes in order to jointly meet the dynamic challenges of this sector by developing sophisticated system solutions. Our customers’ demand for high quality, high availability and high individuality with low quantities is our passion. Our guiding principle is to adapt commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS), which have proven their value in the high-performance sector, to the special requirements of authorities and organisations with security and defence tasks.

Never say never again

We often got the response „never“ to our ideas and were told many reasons why it would not work.However, we did not refrain and were pushed by extra motivation. When we finally found our way,the technology of the ZIPPERMAST reflected the values of our enterprise. What is true for the ZIPPERMAST‘s belts is also true for our team:  If you want to reach high, you need to stick together.