ZIPPERMAST system solutions

Prepared for modern mission management

The highly dynamic and increasingly digitalised battlefield of the present and future demands the best possible contribution from all technologies and systems used in order to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Zippermast offers much more than moving payloads vertically in a linear way. It was developed as a “smart” mast system with the aim of providing the armed forces with a cross-sectionally usable, interoperable system.

“Smart” means that the mast system ideally supports the user on the tactical and strategic level and offers/allows the greatest possible degree of automation.

  • reliability

    ready for use in all climatic zones, on land and in the water; automatic position compensation and automatic switch-off

  • flexibility

    vehicle-bound and remotely usable

  • mobility

    postable and remote controllable

  • interoperability

    harmonised, strandardised interfaces

  • modularity

    fast and easy sensor/effector replacement with tool-free integration

  • digitised

    smart mast system detects payload incl. weight and calculates max. extension height; data transfer to the Battle Management System

ZIPPERMAST-System Solutions

Intelligent Mast System with Sensor and Effector Services

Due to its electromechanical reliability and robustness, the system can be used in any present or future operating environment.

The interface and payload “services” provided make the integration of different sensors and effectors fast and effortless. Thus, the user decides which payload is to be used in the field, depending on the mission.

Environmental and other external influences (e.g. inclination, wind) that affect operation are detected and handled automatically to relieve the user or to enable remote operation.

Thanks to the compact design and the optimised shape of the footprint, the system can be easily integrated mechanically and can also be used effortlessly as a remote or dismounted solution.

Thanks to the use of standard military supplies and interfaces, electrical integration as well as integration into higher-level command and control systems is easy.

The use of standard military supplies and interfaces makes electronic integration, as well as integration into higher-level command and control systems, uncomplicated.

The open architecture allows the user to dispose of the entire functional chain between platform and payload (position compensation, mast, pan-tilt unit).