developed and built

for reliable use

in all climatic zones and

inhospitable operating areas


extremely low space requirement

unbeatable ratio between retracted and extended height


low power consumption


easy integration due to generics interfaces
enables modular applications of different payloads

and reduces risks during integration


in many cases ZIPPERMAST

will be the only useable technical solution

if payloads are to be moved vertically or horizontally


robust – compact – self-sustainable – efficient

ZIPPERMAST sets new standards in terms of technology and handling when it comes to lifting payloads linearly or moving them in any direction in push or pull. Due to its robust and patented design, ZIPPERMAST can be used in almost any environment under almost any circumstances.Its technical features make ZIPPERMAST a reliable subsystem that dramatically extends the function and range of your sensors and actuators. Technically, ZIPPERMAST helps you to minimise typical integration risks and save time and money.

  • self-locking

    When extended, the mast rests on the lead screw. In the event of a power failure, the mast holds its position.

  • uniform

    The lead screw solution ensures maximum uniformity of power and speed in both directions.

  • Mechanical protection

    Protected guiding of the payload cable inside the mast from the base to the head.

  • High breakaway torque

    Extremely high breakaway torque in case of icing, pollution, etc. due to the lead screw solution.

  • Open yet impermeable

    Electronics and sensitive mechanics hermetically sealed, remaining technology open and insensitive to pressure, making ZIPPERMAST one of the very few telescopic masts that can be operated under water.


brilliantly simple

Three stainless steel belts, arranged at 120° to each other, are driven up and down completely synchronously by a centrally arranged lead screw. Like a zip, the bands interlock to form a stable triangular mast. Despite its light construction and filigree appearance, the mast is enormously stable. In mathematics, the triangle is the simplest rectilinear bounded surface. In geometry, the triangle is the most stable shape. Because the triangle is simple and stable, it was also the inspiration for our logo.

ZIPPERMAST is the most compact mast technology available and requires extremely small installation space. ZIPPERMAST helps you save valuable space in or on your systems such as vehicles, unmanned vehicles (UGV, UAV, USV), service facilities and other platforms.

Due to its robust construction, ZIPPERMAST can be used outdoors, without any special protective measures or enclosures.


ZIPPERMAST – big at being small

Due to the scalable design, ZIPPERMAST can be built in almost any size and dimension to ideally meet the requirements of your application.

We will be pleased to advise you on the right size for your application.