Bad Reichenhall/Bingen am Rhein, September 2022

Teaming up to support our land forces with tactical mobile ad hoc networks to be prepared for mosaic warfare.

Zippermast GmbH, a SME located in Bavaria, Germany, is proud to announce a close cooperation with Broadcast Solutions GmbH. “A cooperation agreement has been signed”, Frank Woodcock, CEO of Zippermast and Peter Jakobsson, Business Development Director at Broadcast Solutions, explained.

Zippermast as a company has been working for years very close in the defence communications sector and has a clear focus on reconnaissance, sensor and effector networking in the field and in Internet of Battlefield Things.

“Among sensor and effector services, like power management, geo referencing, interface harmonization our Zippermast Systems provides, reliable data communication is a further paramount capability for effective systems in the mosaic warfare scene. For a while, we have been working together with Broadcast Solutions and have in there found a reliable and competent partner for the needed MIMO MANET technology. It was a logical consequence to solidify our cooperation, bundle our capabilities and expertise and focus on certain market segments.” Frank Woodcock said.

Peter Jakobsson stated, “Broadcast Solutions has been offering products and System Integration services to the media industry, security, police as well as first responders for many years. Now the time has come to expand into the defence market, and in this endeavour, we are very pleased that we have found a partner that is very well connected and experienced in the environment of defence-related communications.”

The cooperation gives us as Zippermast GmbH access to the needed expertise to continue our efforts with the Armies in the DACH area. Our mast technology has been developed as a mobile and modular system of high value for sensor/effector applications as well as a scalable low signature antenna in tactical field networks. Being fully tailored to the demands of unmanned and agile systems, it is now developing into a sensor/effector hub providing the typical services sensors and effectors need when applied in the area of mosaic warfare. MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and MANET (Mobile Ad hoc NETwork ) are vital technologies for our next stage of system development.

Zippermast GmbH is becoming the exclusive defence sales partner for Broadcast Solutions GmbH for the Defence market in the DACH area.