Bad Reichenhall, March 2020

A new step in the adaptation of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to the requirements of authorities and organisations with security tasks and defence forces: ZIPPERMAST GmbH in cooperation with FUJIFILM launches the compact and robust long-range surveillance system CORE LRSCS .

Making use of FUJIFILM‘s well-established high-performance surveillance camera SX800, ZIPPERMAST transferred a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) component into a MIL spec rated, long range surveillance camera system, withstanding the harsh requirements of military and security force applications.
The housing developed by ZIPPERMAST includes a damped mounting, a heating and other technical solutions to support the SX800 withstanding the harsh environmental and handling conditions when being utilized by forces in the defence and police.

The housing offers many ways to add dedicated accessories, as each mission requires different setups. The modularity enables the user to add different functionalities to the system e.g. to transmit data, control add-on equipment or use different power sources.

Areas of application: The SX800 surveillance system in combination with the CORE LRSCS is ideally suited for use in difficult conditions by reconnaissance and surveillance units in the security and defence sector.

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