Bad Reichenhall, January 2021

Successful launch of the CORE LRSCS Light camera housing

Inspired by a customer request for a “light” version of our camera housing CORE LRSCS, we now proudly present a solution for those cases where the application asks for a light solution with moderate protection against environmental influences.

The CORE LRSCS Light offers protection against rain (IP 44) and is equipped with a protective cover. Gel bushes absorb vibration and shock. Compatibility with the CORE LRSCS means that all connectors are interchangeable. The accessories for the LRSCS also fit the LRSCS Light in many cases. The mounting plate allows all attachments and quick-release fasteners of the LRSCS to be used to mount the LRSCS Light on pan/tilt heads, tripods, etc.

This makes the CORE LRSCS Light a perfect addition to our product portfolio and is now available for your request.

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