Bad Reichenhall, February 2021

CASTLE & ZIPPERMAST: a smart combination to protect our forces in action

Microflown Avisa’s CASTLE, a hard wired subarray of four Acoustic Multi Mission Sensors, loaded with appropriate firmware, provides state of the art capability in the detection and pinpointing/ localisation of both ground based and airborne firing events or platforms.

In order to even improve its efficiency by reducing the influence of “down to earth” vegetation conditions, the CASTLE was installed on a Zippermast. The ability to be elevated at different levels gives the system the chance to adapt to changing local conditions and adds new dimensions to its operating area.

Being able to act as a sensor hub, the Zippermast provides the CASTLE with the network and power it needs to enable the system to localise the launch position and direction of the threat.

Thus, our forces are given the ability to detect a subsonic danger sooner and to respond to it more quickly and with greater accuracy.

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ZIPPERMAST & Sensor-System CASTLE  01